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Myer M. Marcus (1914-2015)

Until he passed away in 2015, Myer was a member of the Maine Bar for nearly 75 years. And until his retirement at age 91 in 2005, he was the state’s most senior active practitioner. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of Maine people, business, and legal affairs. The United States District Court for the District of Maine recently asked Myer to sit for a videographer and make a tape relating his experiences in practicing law in Maine. He did so, and was the star of a fascinating, five hour show that is now part of the Court’s archives. For those who knew Myer, five hours will seem like a brief conversation, and indeed time always flew when listening to this man.  No one brought wisdom and perspective to life and the law, and the history of practice in Maine, as well as Myer. He continues to serve as a source of inspiration.