MCM Successful in Client appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

MCM successfully represented its client, Alexander Baldwin, in an appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court of a judgment entered by the Maine Superior Court in August of 2009. At that time, a jury trial was held in Androscoggin County Superior Court on claims brought by Wahlco Metroflex, Inc. a Delaware corporation doing business in Maine, against its former President and Director, Alexander Baldwin, concerning alleged breaches of fiduciary duty. Although the jury found in favor of Mr. Baldwin on most counts of the Complaint, judgment was rendered in favor of Wahlco Metroflex on two counts. MCM filed a notice of appeal to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. In its decision issued on March 25, 2010, the Court reversed the Superior Court, holding that it had improperly instructed the jury, and had made errors of law on equitable claims submitted to the Court as well. Congratulations go to partners Lee Bals and Dave Johnson on this successful outcome. Learn more about Lee Bals and Dave Johnson.